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Best Data Recovery Software For iPhone & iPad

Well, you still Remember the time when I accidently formatted every single bit of my data from my phone. I felt helpless and annoyed on my senseless act. However, the time was not to advocated why I did that but just to find a stable solution that can get my data back. I knew, for good, that the internet is the answer to all the major problems. Researching and yes researching long hours I stumbled upon a data recovery software that proved a blessing in disguise for me.

I will enlighten you with everything about the best data recovery software to save your research time. In my opinion, Wonder share’s Dr.Fone Data Recovery for IOS is the best software that has everything you need for the disaster management.

The Need Of Data Recovery Software

A data recovery software does the necessary operations that are required to get the data back that you have accidently deleted, lost or formatted. Nobody can deny how much importance the data in our phone holds. It is imperative to have a good data recovery software so that you can take an immediate call to initiate data recovery.


Accidently Deletion of data, System Crash, Virus effect and in Forgotten Password.
Other Scenarios:

Data lost after factory restore
Data lost due to iOS update
Device stuck and not responding
Data missing after jailbreak or ROM flashing
Device locked or forgot password
Unable to synchronise backup
Software Specification

 The software gives you a choice of three ways to recover data on an iPhone/iPad.
 Yo can easily Recover photos, documents, App’s photos, App’s video, Calendar, Call history, Contacts, notes, call logs, and more.
 Compatible with Multiple platforms.
1. System Requirements:

Supported OS Windows-10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP.
Mac OS X- 10.12, 10.11(El Capitan), 10.10(Yosemite), 10.9(Mavericks), 10.8, 10.7, or 10.6
CPU 32 bit or 64-bit processor with minimum 1GHz speed.
RAM 256 MB RAM or more,1024MB RAM is Recommended.
Hard Disk Space free space of 200 MB or above.
Supported iOS 10, iOS 9 and former.
2. Devices Supported:

iPhone All models of iPhone are supported from iPhone 7 to iPhone 4
iPad All the models of iPad,iPad Air,iPad Pro andiPad mini
iPod touch iPod touch 5, iPod touch 4
3. Supported file types:

App’s documents, App’s photos, App’s video, Calendar, Call history, Contacts, Messages, Messenger, Notes, Photos, Reminder, Safari’s bookmark, Video, Voice memos, Voicemail, WhatsApp messages.


Check : Tunesgo File Manager
How Does The Software Work ?

The software works in three simple ways. Whether you want to retrieve your photos or text messages or call history, the method is pretty much the same. Even a naïve can easily operate the software. First, you scan for deleted or lost files and be patient while the scan finishes, then you have to Preview the result and then you can recover the data that you need.

The software provides you three different ways by which you can recover your lost or deleted data. You will have choice to Download War Duty Sniper 3D APK New Version v1.1

1. Directly Recover Data from iPhone.
2. Recover Deleted Data on iPhone via iTunes Backup.
3. Restore Deleted Data on iPhone via iCloud Backup.

You can refer to the official page of the product for more information. The tips and tricks section is amazingly useful.
You can go to the official webpage of Wonder share’s Dr.Fone Data Recovery for IOS by clicking here. You have to go to the tips and tricks section of the product where they have maintained in a very nice way how you can recover your important files within minutes.


The main reason Why this product is being loved by the users are presented below:
1. Speed Recovery-The highest data recovery rate.
2. Preview Available-You Can Check data in detail before recovery. This gives you the option to select files that have big recovery priority.
3. Flexible Recovery– Recover what you want very quickly. Choose from the scan result what you want to keep.
4. Safe Recovery- The app does not overwrite the existing data.
5. 100% Security-. If you are worried about data theft, then keep in your mind that Only you can access your data
6. Ease of Use– 3 simple steps: Scan, Preview and recover. I do not think anything is easier than that. Your patience is appreciated in the scan time.
7. 30-day free trial: Nobody in the market gives free trial for more than 7days, you are lucky to try the product for 30 days.

Product Pricing

The product is priced under 70$ margin. You can access the premium membership for Windows version of the software for only 69.95$. For MAC Version it is around 79.95$. The best part is that you will get the lifetime license of the software. The activation key that is needed to activate the licence will be sent to your Email Id within Minutes of confirmation of payment.

What Does Existing Customer Say About This Product

If we see the product reviews, customers have liked the support that site has provided. Moreover, customers are happy with the performance of the product.

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